We drive more than 25 miles to this office. They are very professional and we love them!

Fabio Montoya, Royal Palm Beach, FL

My granddaughter is a Second Generation patient of Dr. Mimy. Her father (my son) loved going to the dentist office as a child. I still remember Dr. Mimy being his favorite doctor. The office is child friendly and inviting. The staff is accommodating. We are glad to be back. Ramona R.

Wiley, Hobe Sound, FL

I have been bringing my three children to Children’s Dentistry for 16 years. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Dr. Bendeck and her staff are friendly, professional, and always exceed my expectations. I highly recommend them!

Tammy Toro Rosenthal, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I wanted to write to let you know how impressed I was with the quality of service we received at your office. My son was taken in for an emergency visit. We were warmly received and my sons well being was the top concern. This is so wonderful to witness as a mother! The quality of care from the doctors was quite obvious, they made him so comfortable and at ease. I am very confident that the work she did on his teeth was top-notch as well. Thank you so much for your time and warm-heartedness. It is so much appreciated.

Beth Wilkins, Lake Worth, FL

Thank you so much for all your help and understanding during my son’s appointment to have his teeth filled and sealed. I truly appreciate how you took the time to listen to my concerns and generously provided the care required. I can’t thank you enough for always creating a warm and enjoyable environment for my kids. They always look forward to visiting your office and have no fears of any dental procedures. It goes without saying that you have the most professional, compassionate and friendly staff. I will continue to recommend Children’s Dentistry to everyone!

Cara Gonnello, Jupiter, FL

We first came to Children’s Dentistry when our oldest child was 18 months. Twenty years later, all three of our children have been seen at the office. Today is our youngest child’s last check-up because she will be 18. We are sad to say goodbye to everyone in the office. We will miss the kindness, the smiles, and personal dental attention. Thank you making dental care a wonderful experience for our children!!

Charlotte Murphy, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

My son came to the office with some dental problems. We are very thankful for the doctors professional care. Everything was very well taken care of. Everyone in the office was very friendly. We are looking forward to continued care with the office.

Tatiana Russo, Jupiter, FL

Since the very first appointment Children’s Dentistry has been awesome. Especially when you walk-in, check-out, reminder e-mails and also great birthday phone calls celebrating a child’s special day. The office staff has always been friendly and cordial even when you call the office. We have recommended children’s Dentistry to all our friends.

Charline Curtis, West Palm Beach, FL

My daughter who is now 16yrs has been coming to Children’s Dentistry since she was 3yrs old. The entire staff has always been extremely nice and helpful at each and every visit. I have been very pleased with the personal attention that has always been given to my daughter. I would highly recommend Children’s Dentistry!

Dawn Meyer, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

We have been coming to Children’s Dentistry for the past 11 years. The staff is always friendly and on time. I trust all of them completely with my children’s dental care. I have 3 children and we always have a positive experience.

Elaine Sager, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I was referred to Children’s Dentistry from my sister when my oldest child was four years old. We tried other dentist prior but after coming to to this office we weren’t comfortable taking our children anywhere else. Our children are 6, 9, and 10 now and have had extensive dental work but each time our children had the best care and a wonderful team of dentists and staff. They always address our concerns with professionalism and compassion.

Calya Maraist, Palm City, FL

I have been bringing my daughter to Children’s Dentistry since she was 4yrs old, She is now 10yrs old. Over the six years of service, the staff at Children’s Dentistry have never wavered from their commitment and mission to provide safe patient care, clinical excellence and mutual respect and compassion to their patients and family members.

Teri Hughes, Jupiter, FL

I am very impressed with the professionalism of Children’s Dentistry. The administration is very efficient, reminders sent by mail are appreciated, and, the special touch doesn’t go unnoticed. The birthday phone calls always make my daughter smile. The doctors and dental assistants are very gentle and nurturing. Thank you all!

Claire Perez, West Palm Beach, FL

My children have been patients here since 1999. It has been a positive experience for them since their first cleaning at the age of 3! I highly recommend the office and the entire staff at Children’s Dentistry. They have always made my children feel comfortable and safe.

Susan Silvestor, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I came to Children’s Dentistry as a child and I really loved going because they had all the things that children love. I always had an excellent experience. Now I have a son and i have chosen to bring him here! He loves going as well and the staff is phenomenal!!

Fuschia Ferquson, Riviera Beach, FL

The staff members are always friendly, the waiting time is never too long, and, I’m always pleased with the service.

Cassandra Granberry, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Since the first visit my children said they loved the Doctors and staff. I love getting the reminder phone calls.

Tawana Holland, West Palm Beach, FL

I am very pleased with the dental care that is given to my daughter from the doctors and staff. we are very happy with all they do. Patrick Boursiquot, Loxahatchee, FL

If you would like your children treated right, come to Children’s Dentistry! They are wonderful.

Laura Smith-Gaskins, West Palm Beach, FL

Dear Dr. Bendeck: I remember our first meeting. Sean was about 18 months old. I brought him in with his baby upper incisor turned sideways and pushed backward. You were so calm and reassuring, and I knew then, that my kids would have their childhood filled with positive memories of going to the dentist. You and your wonderful staff have given us 14 years of the most professional and caring dental care. I love how you have the parents come back and update them, and answer all their questions We are all going to miss our visits with you, but please know how very much we have appreciated all that you have done for the Beattie family. James and I have, and will always refer our patients to you. May God bless you and your family, and staff, with health, happiness, and love. We wish you many more years of success in your wonderfull practice. With much love and gratitude,

Michelle, James, Ashley, Nick, Sean, and Will Beattie. Jupiter, FL

I work for an orthodontist & we see a lot of children each day. We know the importance of helping children feel comfortable when they have any type of dental work performed. Each and every visit, my daughters age 5 & 3 enjoy coming to Dr. Bendeck’s office. The doctors & staff go over and above to really care for them. Thank you for the pleasant experience!

Jackie Kulmala, Jupiter, Florida

I have been coming to Children’s Dentistry scsince I was 2 years old and now I bring my child here. They make the visit fun and quick for kids and they are very nice. I would recommend Children’s Dentistry to everyone with kids!

Adriane Hill, Port St Lucie, FL

Dear Doctors and staff, We really appreciate everything you have done with helping Mia overcome her fears with the dentist. You have made a huge difference in our lives and we will forever be greatful. Thank you so much for your generosity with our family. You are all wonderful people with big hearts. We love you and send lots of thanks!

Bridgette Foulis, Boca Raton, fl

My son is now 18 years old and has been a patient of Children’s Dentistry. He said “I love the atmosphere!” In 2003 my job changed dental insurance companies and my son had an unexpected dental emergency after going above and beyond to care for my son, with a smile Dr. mimy said “It’s taken care of” knowing i had no coverage! Thank You Children’s Dentistry! I also have two more kids 6 yrs and 8 yrs old. They started visiting the office when they were 2 yrs old. At first I didn’t want the kids to go back with out me but now when their name is called they wave bye to me and rush in! Thanks to the beautiful, caring and, friendly staff! I could not ask to be apart of a better dental family! Thank you

Jacquline Anderson, Royal Palm Beach, FL

Thank you for your professionalism & kindness in treating my daughter. I am so grateful to you all for providing her with such a positive dental experience.

Shefali Hernandez, Lake Park, FL

Doctors and staff, Thanks so much of taking such good care of our son. He seems to have pulled through like a trooper with your help and he promises to do a better job with his brushing. Thanks for your patience and gentle care.

Rebecca Sechrist, Stuart, FL

Dear Doctors, You and the great staff at Children’s Dentistry made my sons first visit to the dentist a great experience. We felt like family there. Thank you for being so awesome with him. You are all such a blessing to our family!!

Mona Egea, Royal Palm Beach, FL

Doctors and Staff, We are so thankful that the entire staff at Children’s Dentistry maintained their patience over a decent period of time and continued to believe that our son could be a cooperative patient. They were willing to listen to us about what works for Jack and were willing to be flexible. Jack now smiles and is very proud of his ability to be a big boy and loves his pretty teeth.

Mary Parry, West Palm Beach, FL

I have 3 boys and last year we couldn’t come to Dr. Mimy’s Children’s Dentistry because of a change with our insurance. My boys were “traumatized”! They would cry and were very scared from the experience they had in the other dental office. I changed my insurance for this year and came back to Dr. Mimy’s Children’s Dentistry. When I told my children that they were going back to Dr. Mimy, they were so HAPPY!! Thank you to the staff at Children’s Dentistry for their dedication to their patients! I feel my boys are treated as individuals and not just “numbers on a file”. Thank you very much!!

Suely G., Loxahatchee, FL

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